Friday, December 11, 2009

Recipe Card #1: Winter Wonderland Wedding

Here is a new section to the Sienna Wedding blog that I'm just overjoyed to add. The Recipe Cards are a series which will be featured biweekly on Fridays. On each recipe card, there will be an image board and the "recipe" needed to achieve a certain style wedding. I have started with the Winter Wonderland Wedding card. I hope you enjoy!

Recipe for a Winter Wonderland Wedding.

1 part elegance. 1 part sophistication. 1 part sparkle. A hint of whimsy.

The key to a winter wonderland wedding is to keep it classy. Keep it from becoming tacky by limiting the fake snowflakes, and other obvious winter interpretations. We're talking glitzed out, pure elegance here.

  • The dress. Go for a simple dress with embellishments. Try something like Priscilla of Boston's Platinum styles, as show. You want to sparkle while still being very elegant.

  • The flowers. Keep the flowers mainly white. Incorporate elements such as silver berries, branches in the centerpieces, and crystals to give it a real frosted feel.

  • The cake. A great way to tie the cake into your wedding is by mimicking the embellishments or patterns from the wedding dress in the cake. This will give your cake a very classy look.

  • The favors. This is a great way to add that whimsical element into your sleek wedding. Try edible favors like snowflake cookies or add some extra crystal by giving clear rock candy.

( Dress: Priscilla of Boston. Flowers: The Knot. Cookies and Cake: Martha Stewart.)

1 Comment:

Holly @ Modern said...

Love the corset bodice on that dress, wow!

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